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The Roles of Protein Expression in Synaptic Stability and Memory Consolidation

1st-3rd June 2014

Registration is performed on-line through this website (see section). To update your information, please resubmit the form, the former will be deleted from the database. If you do not require a hotel room, simply leave the check in/out fields empty. Speakers - the organizing committee has reserved hotel rooms for you from May 31rd -June 3rd 201. Speakers and chairs are not to contact the hotel directly, but only through this website or by contacting Alina This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



On-site registration: Current – May 7th 2014

Deadline for hotel booking for participants through this website (excluding invited speakers and chairs): May 1st


Letter of invitation:

Participants may obtain a formal letter of invitation upon request (for visa purposes or others) following completion of registration. The letter will be sent as a PDF document via email.


Recommended hotel:


Haifa University prices: 120$ per night (single) or 135$ (double)


To receive these prices, you must register through this website. Speakers and chairs, please do not book hotel rooms directly through the hotel, but only through this website or by contacting Alina
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Useful information:

Travelling from the Ben Gurion airport to Nahsholim:

1) by train: http://www.rail.co.il/EN/Pages/HomePage.aspx

from: Ben Gurion Airport

to: Haifa Hof Hakarmel (Raziel)

Train time table can be found on the train website as explained above. The train is the cheapest means of transportation (39.5 NIS), usually on time.

The train station is located on Level S of the Landside Building, adjacent to the Greeters' Hall. 

from Hof Hakarmel train station to Nahsholim : 20 minute drive by "taxi special", the taxi station is on the "sea side" of the train station (the other side of the train station faces the mountain and the central bus station).

Important: the train does not operate between Friday ( last train on 14:08) and Saturday night (first train on 19:31).  

2) by taxi: (this is the only means of transportation from Friday afternoon to Saturday night)

The Taxi  Stations and dispatcher's counter  at Terminal 3 are located on Level G of the Multi Level Road.

Weather: 22 -27c. You are welcome to bring your bathing suits.

The meeting itself will take place at the:

The Glass Factory Museum (Ha'mizgaga)

Ha' Mizgaga - A Museum for nautical and regional archeology is housed in a two-story stone structure in the heart of Kibbutz Nahsholim, and within a short walking distance from Tel-Dor .

The building opened in 1891 by the Baron Rothschild as a factory for producing glass wine bottles. Meir Dizengoff, who was later to become mayor of Tel-Aviv, was appointed manager of the factory. Because of the numerous difficulties – malaria, the local sand's unsuitability for glassmaking, and a lack of profitability – the factory was closed and abandoned within five years of its opening. In 1980, members of Kibbutz Nahsholim began to restore the structure. At the same time archaeological excavations were begun at Tel Dor and nearby bays, and the factory became a charming and unusual museum.


About Nahsholim:

Nahsholim Seaside Resort is situated on the spectacular Dor Beach, at the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, where white beaches cradle natural bays and lagoons of crystal clear water. A line of small islands stretching not far from the waterfront creates a natural, unique landscape which is a heaven for all bird watchers.

The Carmel mounts on the opposite side provide a breathtaking setting and interesting touring attractions. Pastoral view, beautiful beach and professional, courteous hosting - all these guarantee a peaceful and enjoyable vacation with a variety of activities for the entire family all year long. Nahsholim Seaside Resort - for an unforgettable nature vacation.

Nahsholim Seaside Resort is located at the beach, at the foot of Mount Carmel, 30 km from Haifa, 20 km from Caesarea, 9 km from Zichron Ya'akov and 64 km from Tel Aviv.

For those coming from the north: take Highway No. 4 (the old Haifa-Tel Aviv Road), before Faradis Intersection turn right to Road 7011 and continue according to the signs to Nahsholim/Dor Beach.

For those arriving from the south: take Highway No. 2 and exit at the Zichron Ya'akov interchange. 
At the first traffic light junction turn left in the direction of Highway No. 4 (the old Haifa-Tel Aviv Road). 
Approximately one km after Faradis, turn left and continue according to the signs to Nahsholim/Dor Beach.

The hotel staff will be here to welcome you.

For more information see: http://www.nahsholim.co.il/index.cfm

map of Nahsholim

Looking forward to seeing you in Nahsholim soon!




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